Emma has called for action after yet another month where local unemployment figures are more than double the national average.

The latest figures, covering August 2019, showed a UK rate of 3.7 per cent of people unemployed and claiming out of work benefits, compared to 8.4 per cent in Wolverhampton North East. The number of people unemployed and claiming out of work benefits rose in Wolverhampton North East by 630 people in the last year, to 3,505 – a rise of 18 per cent.

Statistics from the House of Commons Library showed Wolverhampton’s unemployment rate has been more than double the national average every month since January 2015.

Commenting on the figures, Emma said:

“In July I challenged the Prime Minister to make tackling our city’s unemployment his number one priority, and since then the numbers have gone up and up. The Government always boasts about national employment figures, but this masks huge regional disparities. In Wolverhampton North East, unemployment is up almost 20 per cent on last year.

“The Prime Minister proroguing Parliament means he can avoid scrutiny on issues like this. People across Wolverhampton deserve to know what his government is going to do to stop unemployment rising. While he sits on his hands and wastes the next five weeks, there are underlying causes of unemployment in Wolverhampton which need addressing – tackling our region’s skills shortage, and providing far greater funding for Further Education so people can retrain and gain the skills they need for work.

“When Parliament returns on 14 October, there will be a new Queen’s Speech setting out the Parliamentary agenda. I’m calling on the Prime Minister to make tackling unemployment in places like Wolverhampton a key theme. We must get people into work across our city.”