Emma Reynolds, Labour MP for Wolverhampton North East has today issued a statement ahead of the coming votes on the EU Withdrawal Bill. Emma said, “I respect the result of the referendum and I voted to trigger Article 50 last year which started the formal process of the UK leaving the EU. I have consistently said that we need the best possible deal with the EU and that my priority is securing a future relationship with the EU that puts the jobs and living standards of my constituents first.

“The government is making a complete mess of the Brexit negotiations. The Prime Minister has provided no leadership and rather than negotiate with the EU, ministers have spent most of the last year arguing amongst themselves rather than focusing on what is in the best interests of the country.

“I am therefore deeply concerned that the deep divisions within the government are now the single biggest threat to securing a Brexit deal that works for Wolverhampton North East and the rest of the UK. Over a year after triggering Article 50, this government is unable to offer any meaningful solutions to some of the real problems such as the UK’s future trade relationship with the EU.

“Only yesterday Jaguar Land Rover announced that it will transfer all production of its Land Rover Discovery model from Solihull to a plant in Europe, potentially putting hundreds of jobs at risk. This government is providing no certainty to British businesses about what our future trading relationship with Europe will be after Brexit.

“Given the government’s mishandling of this situation, I refuse to give them a blank cheque. I will be voting in favour of the Lords’ amendments when the EU Withdrawal Bill is debated in the House of Commons today and tomorrow. This includes an amendment which would guarantee parliamentary sovereignty and give the House of Commons a meaningful vote on the final deal, as well as amendments to ensure we maintain close trading links with our main trading partners in the EU. Given the government’s position is so unclear, I believe that no option should be taken off the table at this stage.”

June 2018