Emma Reynolds, Member of Parliament for Wolverhampton North East, has spoken at the celebratory event of the YMCA Your Vote Matters Democracy Project. The project was launched in September with the aim of registering young homeless people to vote. They were celebrating their objective of registering 70-100 new voters.

Emma said “I was delighted to speak at the YMCA and congratulate them on managing to register new homeless voters in only two months. Young people, and especially homeless young people, are at particular risk of falling off the electoral register and losing their right to vote. Since many of the changes the current Tory government are implementing will harm young people, it is important they have their say.”

“I spoke about the recent changes to housing benefit, where under 21s will be excluded. I put pressure on the government to ensure homeless young people would still be able to receive this help. After a family breakdown, and without family support or a home to live in, these people would end up on the streets. This campaign has been successful and homeless young people have been exempted from the rules.”

“The YMCA does vital work with local homeless young people, getting them back on their feet, and helping them get back into work or education, while providing them with a safe and secure place to live.”