Emma Reynolds, Labour MP for Wolverhampton North East, has welcomed the announcement that a tax will be imposed on sugary drinks. The Chancellor announced the new levy in his Budget yesterday. The tax will be introduced in 2018.

However, the sugar tax was also accompanied by a series of tax cuts for the rich which will be funded by cuts to public services and assistance for disabled people.

Speaking after the Budget, Emma said “This is a Budget that gives tax cuts to some of the richest people in Britain while not doing enough to help people in Wolverhampton. These income tax cuts for the rich are being financed by cuts to the public services that people in Wolverhampton rely on. The Chancellor has the wrong priorities. He should be doing more to support hard working people who are doing the right thing.

“It is wrong that assistance for disabled people is being reduced. I am concerned about the impact on some of the most vulnerable people in our communities. I hope that the government will think again.

“I welcome the tax on sugary drinks that the Chancellor has announced. As a member of the Health Select Committee, I have been campaigning for the government to implement such a tax because I am very concerned that so many children are overweight and obese. We also need to see action on advertising, labelling and marketing if we are serious about reducing levels of childhood obesity.”