Emma Reynolds, Member of Parliament for Wolverhampton North East, has welcomed plans announced by Wolverhampton City Council to build 400 additional council homes in the city by 2020. The new homes represent an investment of £56 million and are in addition to 65 currently being built by the council.

Emma said “These additional homes are fantastic news for our city. Lack of housing is one of the most frequent issues which local people raise with me at my constituency surgeries. Wolverhampton is suffering a shortage of affordable, quality housing, and I am pleased that the council is tackling this issue by building new homes.”

“These homes will give more families the security of a decent place to live without the risk of short term private sector tenancies. As somebody who grew up in the early part of my childhood in a council flat, I know how valuable council housing is. I hope that the council can get to work building them as soon as possible.”