Labour MP for Wolverhampton North East, Emma Reynolds, has shown her support for Male Cancer Awareness Week by backing the FACE up to Prostate Cancer, a campaign which focuses on the three key factors associated to the condition. One in three men in the UK have revealed that they know little or nothing about prostate cancer and research by the male cancer charity Orchid has shown that more than 60% of men say that they are not confident in identifying the signs and symptoms of the disease, with men over the age of 45 being the least knowledgeable (despite being in the age category most at risk).

In response to these figures Orchid, has launched the FACE up to Prostate Cancer campaign.

The campaign focuses attention on three key risk factors: family history, age and ethnicity together with the major symptom of prostate cancer: a change in urinary behaviour. Anyone who notices such a change should go and speak to their GP.

Emma said: “It is very concerning to read that so many men, especially older men, are currently unaware of the risks as well as the symptoms of prostate cancer.

“That is why it is fantastic that the Orchid charity is once again running a male cancer awareness week to raise awareness and support programmes that educate on prostate cancer.

“Prostate cancer can be treated successfully if it identified early enough. People interested in finding out more about prostate cancer can visit the Orchid website:”

“It is also important that the NHS is able to prescribe the most effective treatments for prostate cancer, including Abiraterone (a form of hormone therapy) as early as practically possible. I have been contacted by constituents about this matter. I will therefore be asking the government to ensure Abiraterone is made available for those who need it early in their treatment on the NHS.”

April 2018