Emma Reynolds, Labour MP for Wolverhampton North East, has written to the Chancellor to demand that he use his budget to increase spending on health, education and policing in Wolverhampton and to reverse the public sector pay cap. In her letter, Emma told the Chancellor: “I have received a large number of letters and emails from hard working public sector workers asking that I raise the issue of the public sector pay cap with you. I believe a pay rise for all public sector workers is fair and affordable. Public sector workers have been subject to years of falling real wages. Will you therefore commit to a real terms pay increase for all of our hard pressed public sector workers in your forthcoming Budget?”

Speaking afterwards, Emma said: “I have written to the Chancellor to call for him to scrap the public sector pay cap and to provide more money for our schools, our hospitals and our police. Under this weak Tory government Wolverhampton is losing out”

“This government has the wrong priorities. It claims there is no money to spare but it is still committed to cutting corporation tax and to raising the inheritance tax threshold to £1 million. The Chancellor should drop these Tory tax breaks. At a time when our NHS is in crisis, we are losing police officers and the education budget is being cut, it cannot be a priority to cut corporation tax or to spend £1 billion on an inheritance tax giveaway which benefits less than 10% of homes across the UK, the overwhelming majority of which are located not in Wolverhampton but in London and the South East.”

November 2017