Emma Reynolds, Labour MP for Wolverhampton North East, has urged the government to act to protect steel jobs in the Black Country following news that 300 jobs are at risk at TATA’s factory in Wednesfield.

Emma said: “Jobs in Wolverhampton are at risk. The steel crisis didn’t happen overnight. When did the government first see the signs of this crisis? Why has it taken them so long to do something about it? It is regrettable that this Tory government has been asleep at the wheel. The government has failed to take immediate action to alleviate the crisis and support our steel industry.

“Labour is calling on the government to do more to address the high energy costs the industry faces. A major cause of this crisis is that the world steel market has been flooded by cheap Chinese steel in a practice known as “dumping.” The UK government should work with the EU to back anti-dumping measures.

“The steel industry is a strategic asset for the UK. It has been a cornerstone of industrial life in the Black Country. I have therefore written to the Business Secretary to call on the government to take action to support the UK steel industry.”