Emma Reynolds, Labour MP for Wolverhampton North East, has criticised the government cuts to tax credits as an attack on hard working people.New research published by the trade union UNISON has calculated that across the UK more than 2.7m working families could lose an average of £1000 a year from next April. Some families could lose as much as £3,000. Thousands of people across Wolverhampton will be affected.

In his July Budget, the Chancellor announced changes to the tax credit system in a move that will see £4.4bn a year taken out of the pockets of low to middle income families across the UK. In some cases people stand to lose more than ten per cent of their take home pay.

Emma said “This Tory government’s rhetoric about supporting hard working families rings hollow. In Wolverhampton North East, 5,100 working families with 9,600 will be worse off. These are families who are doing the right thing, working hard and trying to support their children at a time when the economy is still recovering.

“The Tories have decided to target these families with a reduction in their tax credits which risks increasing the number of children in poverty. I have called on the government to change course and to stop this attack on families in work. George Osborne should admit that he’s got this one wrong, and back down before it’s too late.”

October 2015