Emma Reynolds, Labour MP for Wolverhampton North East, on Thursday 29 June voted against Theresa May’s Queen’s Speech and has called for more funding for schools, the NHS, the police, housing and for local services provided by the City Council in Wolverhampton, in line with the increases in investment offered to Northern Ireland. Speaking after the Queen’s Speech, Emma said: “Theresa May had shown with this Queen’s Speech that she has learnt nothing from the General Election. Her government is giving additional investment to Northern Ireland so that she can govern with the support of the Democratic Unionist Party, whilst at the same time inflicting cuts to public services in Wolverhampton and other parts of England.

“I want to see our public services given the funding that they need. Schools in Wolverhampton need extra investment. Our NHS and social care are at breaking point because they are not getting the resources they need to care for people. Cuts in police numbers make our communities less safe.

“I voted against the Queen’s Speech because it failed to turn the page on seven years of failed policies by this Tory government.”

Emma also called on the government to end the public sector pay freeze. Emma said: “Public sector workers, such as nurses, teachers, firefighters and the police deserve the pay rise they have been denied for seven years.

“That is why I voted this week to scrap the cap on public sector pay. Unfortunately Conservative MPs voted against Labour’s proposals and the Conservative government continues to make public sector workers pay the price for its failed economic policies. Labour has a different approach, which values public sector workers, which would improve morale and therefore give people better services.”

June 2017