Emma has criticised the government for failing to provide West Midlands Police with the funding they need. Yesterday, the House of Commons debated this year’s Police funding settlement.

Emma said:


“It beggars belief that the government and Conservative MPs have pushed through another unfair police funding settlement which leaves West Midlands Police at a disadvantage compared to other areas. For example, low-crime, leafy Surrey can raise a similar amount to the West Midlands in cash terms through council tax increases, but it only has half the population. That is why West Midlands Police deserves a fairer funding settlement from central government.


“Instead, since 2010 the West Midlands has faced £175m in government cuts, losing over 2,000 officers as a result. The Chief Constable of the West Midlands, Dave Thompson, recently said he is ‘struggling to deliver a service to the public’ and ‘criminals know how stretched we are.’ The Government has ignored his warning. But the facts speak for themselves. Last year the West Midlands faced the biggest rise in crime outside of London. Just last month, new figures showed further alarming rises in crime in the West Midlands. Total crime was up 10%, violent crime was up by 26% and sexual offences were up by 20%.


“The West Midlands needs a genuine funding increase from the government to give the Police the support they need to fight this rise in crime.”