Emma Reynolds, Labour MP for Wolverhampton North East, is asking people already on the register in Wolverhampton to talk to their family about organ donation and make it clear if they want to save lives.

NHS Blood and Transplant and Kidney Care UK have praised Emma for making this pledge during Organ Donation Week which lasts from 3-9 September.

Families will always be approached about donation if a loved one can donate their organs. Knowing what you wanted can help your family support their decision at a difficult time.

Emma said “I am delighted that almost one in four people in Wolverhampton North East are on the organ donor register. More and more families in Wolverhampton are saying yes to organ donation but there is still an urgent shortage of donors around the country.

“Across the UK, three  people  die  every  day  in  need  of  an  organ. Donating your organs can help save someone else’s life. We need more people in Wolverhampton to sign the register but also to tell their families so that their wishes are respected after they die.”

“Only one third of adults in England have told their partner or their family they want to donate, despite 8 out of 10 people telling us they would be willing to donate or would consider it.

“In Wolverhampton North East 12 people needed a transplant last year but there were fewer than five organ donations made by people living in the constituency. Sadly, many opportunities are lost every year because families don’t know if their loved one wanted to be a donor or not. That can change. I am calling on people who sign the register to let their loved ones know.”