Emma Reynolds, Labour MP for Wolverhampton North East, has called on Tata Steel to pause its proposals to sell its Engineering Steels business in Heath Town, Wolverhampton. The business employs 21 people. This is a separate subdivision of Tata Steel to the Steelpark in Wednesfield which is not being sold.

Emma said: “I am concerned about the uncertainty this proposed sale will create for the employees of Tata Steel’s Engineering Steels business in Heath Town. I support the trade union Community’s request that Tata gives time for the unions and outside experts to examine the business case behind today’s announcement. I will therefore be making representations to Tata to ask them not to sell the business before a full consultation has taken place.

“If the sale does eventually go ahead, any potential buyer needs to have the best interests of the business in Wolverhampton at heart. Tata should only sell to a buyer which is prepared to guarantee to protect jobs and invest for the future.”

May 2018