Emma Reynolds, Labour MP for Wolverhampton North East has praised the BBC for making top quality programmes and warned against the government’s plans to try and limit the size and scope of the BBC.

Emma asked a question in the House of Commons to the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport about the government’s plans for the BBC. The BBC’s constitution is set out in a Royal Charter. The current Royal Charter came into force in 2006 and is due to expire in December 2016.

Emma asked the Secretary of State: “The Great British Bake Off, The Voice, Doctor Who, Strictly and Match of the Day are great British programmes made by our great British broadcaster, which are seen by millions here and around the world. Why do the Government seem so determined to diminish the role and the size of the BBC, weakening our influence abroad and undermining British programming?”

Speaking after her question, Emma said “I fear that under this government, the BBC and the excellent programmes it makes are at risk. Ministers want to cut down the size of the BBC and narrow its remit. This is not what the public wants nor is it in the best interests of the country. The BBC needs to change and reform, but we still need to ensure that it provides something for everyone. The wide range of programmes that the BBC provides is why it is such a well-regarded national institution.”