Yesterday, West Midlands Police raided the Ming Moon restaurant on the Stafford Road. They suspect that the restaurant was engaged in modern slavery. Five suspected slavery victims were found and two people have been arrested. Modern slavery involves people being trafficked either into or around the UK and being forced to illegally work against their will.

The victims are being supported by the Police and local charities. They will be supported by specially trained officers and helped into alternative accommodation

Emma said “I welcome this police action. It shows that there is a zero tolerance approach to exploitation. Modern slavery is a terrible thing. People are forced to work and live in terrible conditions, either for no pay or for tiny amounts of money that they are unable to live on.

“The Police need our help stop such exploitation.

“West Midlands Police advise that signs of modern slavery to look out for include “large groups of people staying in multi-occupancy houses and being transported to and from addresses in vans or minibuses from early in the morning and not coming back until late at night.

Anyone who sees anything suspicious can contact the Police by dialling 101.”

August 2017