Emma Reynolds, Labour MP for Wolverhampton North East, met with Transport Minister, Jesse Norman in the Department of Transport to raise concerns about the Stafford Road after a spate of recent accidents, including a serious collision that resulted in a fatality. At the meeting Emma urged the Minister to include the Stafford Road in the government’s new “Major Roads Network.”

The creation of the Major Road Networks (MRN) will see money spent on bypasses, road widening, safety measures and junction improvements on major routes maintained by local authorities. Some 5,000 miles of key A-roads will be included in the scheme.

Councils will be able to bid for up to £100 million of funding for each A-road they want to improve under Department for Transport (DfT) proposals. If the Stafford Road is included in the MRN, Wolverhampton City Council could therefore be awarded funding to improve safety on the road by installing new speed cameras or other traffic calming measures, as well as making other improvements.

Emma said “I recently held a road safety meeting for residents who live on or near the Stafford Road. During the meeting a number of concerns were raised about speeding and dangerous driving. People were rightly angry and frustrated.

“In Parliament, I raised local residents’ concerns and specifically asked the Secretary of State for Transport on 5 July about more funding for speed cameras on Stafford Road. He agreed to consider my request. Last week, I met with the Transport Minister, Jesse Norman, at the Transport Department. I explained residents’ concerns to the Minister and lobbied him for the Stafford Road to be included in the Major Road Network which would mean that the City Council could apply for funding to improve the road. This could include everything from speed cameras to improvements for pedestrians and cyclists. I know from speaking to the Council that they are prepared to make such a bid, which I welcome.

“It is clear that there is a problem with speeding on the Stafford Road and that this urgently needs to be tackled. There are two schools with entrances on the road and another nearby. Going forward I will also raise the concerns discussed at my meeting with West Midlands Police to ensure that these issues are resolved.”

July 2018