Emma Reynolds, MP for Wolverhampton North East, has had a successful meeting with local businesses and the Chamber of Commerce. Topics discussed included red tape, transport and the upcoming referendum on membership of the EU. Emma outlined her commitment to campaigning to remain in the EU in the run up to the upcoming referendum.

Commenting about the benefits of EU membership, Emma said “in the area of financial services the UK often gets its way because we are such a big player in the markets. I do find it difficult that there is a notion we are fighting 27 other member states. This is not the atmosphere we operate in. We need to get away from this thinking.”

“I was pleased to discover that 66% of businesses surveyed recently by the Chamber of Commerce want to remain in the EU. Business is rightly concerned about the impact of the uncertainty surrounding our continued membership of the EU. 44% of businesses feel that leaving the EU would negatively affect them.”

“We also discussed the future transport developments in the Black Country including the campaign I have been mounting for a new train station in Wolverhampton, and the extension of the Midland Metro to the station. Businesses also raised the shortage of skills, and difficulty accessing finance. I am committed to improving the skills of local people and working to help local businesses secure the finance they need to grow and flourish.”