I have launched a survey about crime and policing because public safety is a number one priority for me.

West Midlands Police has 2000 fewer officers than it did in 2010. The Force’s budget has been reduced by over £125 million. This has clearly had an impact on the service the police can deliver. The Tory Government was able to find over £1bn for DUP votes to prop up the Government, now it is right that they find the money to fund our police properly.

I know that many people have concerns about the rise in crime. I want to hear from you what you think about police cuts and what you think the police should be prioritising. I have therefore launched this survey to give you the chance to let me know your opinions. I hope as many people as possible take part.

You can complete the survey here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeV7QhvFQVUmhAHf07dTRJ5b0o-7O04sRPqhv888HGd7fs18A/viewform.

And you can check if I am your MP by entering your post code here: http://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps/.