Emma Reynolds, Labour MP for Wolverhampton North East, has signed a petition calling for hunting legislation to be strengthened, amid growing concerns that British wildlife is still being targeted due to loopholes in the law. Emma signed the petition, launched by animal welfare charity the League Against Cruel Sports, at its annual reception at the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday.

Representatives from the charity spoke at the League’s reception about how ‘trail’ hunting is being used as a cover for illegal hunting and how exemptions and loopholes in the law are resulting in wildlife being chased and killed in the name of ‘sport’.

Emma said: “I’m pleased to be support the League’s campaign to strengthen the Hunting Act by removing the exemptions and loopholes and introducing effective deterrents to stop the illegal hunting of British wildlife. I receive many emails from constituents concerned about the loopholes in the Hunting Act. I share these concerns. Hunting foxes with hounds is not humane and cannot be justified.”

July 2018