Emma Reynolds, MP for Wolverhampton North East has today criticised the findings of a YouGov poll which labelled Wolverhampton the second worst city in the country. Emma said, “ I do not recognise this view of Wolverhampton at all. The city has a huge amount going for it. The Council continues to attract companies to invest in the city, partnering with neighbouring councils to attract Jaguar Land Rover and others to the i54 and only recently, plans were announced for the western extension of the i54 which is great news.

“A new train station is planned and work is progressing on the interchange. The university and college are extremely popular with students and last but by no means least, our proud football club, Wolverhampton Wanderers is back in the Premiership.

“When I am out and about meeting residents, they speak very highly of the city and it was recently named one of the best cities in the country to raise a family and this is the view of the city I recognise.”

August 2018