On Wednesday in Parliament, the Chancellor delivered his Spring Budget. It is a Budget which shows that the government has the wrong priorities and is failing to deliver for the people of Wolverhampton. Emma opposes the £2bn Tory tax hike on self-employed low and middle earners.

The new money announced for social care will not be enough to plug the gap and will not ensure that the elderly get the care they need.

At a time when our NHS is in crisis, it shouldn’t be a priority to spend £1 billion on cutting inheritance tax which benefits less than 10% of homes across the UK, the overwhelming majority of which are located in London and the South East. The Chancellor should have cancelled this tax cut for the wealthy due to start in April and channelled the savings into childcare instead.

Emma said: “I am also deeply concerned about the government cuts to local primary schools and wanted to see the Chancellor roll back on those changes so that every child in Wolverhampton gets the very best education. I am calling on the Chancellor to scrap his plans to hike the rate of national insurance paid by the self-employed to 11%.

“This tax increase will hit plumbers, carpenters, builders, hairdressers and many others in Wolverhampton.

It is a clear example of a broken manifesto promise by Theresa May and her government. Once again the Tories are targeting those on middle and lower incomes. They don’t stand up for working people. Self-employed people don’t get sick pay or paid holidays yet they are being asked by this government to pay more. It is simply unfair.”

What do you think? Let me know your views.

March 2017