Emma Reynolds, Labour MP for Wolverhampton North East, celebrated Black Country Day this weekend. Events have been taking place throughout July as part of the overarching Black Country Festival, now in its fifth year across all parts of the Black Country including Wolverhampton. The date marks the anniversary of the invention of the Newcomen Engine, the World’s first steam engine, built in Dudley in 1712.

Emma said, “Black Country Day is a fantastic way for people in our city and across the rest of the Black Country to come together and celebrate our proud history. There were some fantastic photos of people celebrating our region’s heritage with pride.

“The Black Country was at the centre of the Industrial Revolution and it is that history which is depicted on our Black Country Flag. Today the Black Country continues that proud tradition. It is home to world leading steel, aerospace and automotive companies. Black Country Day is a great way of promoting the Black Country throughout the UK and abroad.”

July 2018