Emma Reynolds, Labour MP for Wolverhampton North East, has called on the government to scrap its new funding formula which would cut funding to many primary and secondary schools in Wolverhampton. These reductions will have a serious impact on children’s education and their life chances, particularly in deprived areas. Many schools will have to lose experienced members of staff.

The new funding formula and the real terms cut to the education budget will see 98% of schools across England see a real-terms per pupil funding cut, with the average cut to primary schools standing at £87, 117 and for secondary schools £405,611. An analysis for The Huffington Post shows that Labour areas are the worst hit.

Emma has therefore written to the Education Secretary to set out her objections to the formula and to call on the government to withdraw it.

In her letter to the Education Secretary, Emma has written: “Due to the cuts to their future funding, schools in my constituency will inevitably lose highly-trained, experienced and hard-working teachers. These are teachers who make an enormously positive contribution to the education provided to children in Wolverhampton North East. Many head teachers have been in touch with me to underline their concerns. ”

Speaking afterwards, Emma said: “I am calling on the government to scrap this unfair funding formula. I am deeply concerned about the negative impact that it will have on children, their education and their chances of fulfilling their potential. These changes will see the majority of schools in my constituency lose out. They will have to reduce staff numbers or find other savings. Children’s education will suffer.

“Under the last Labour government, much progress was made by our primary schools in helping children to get the best start in life. Labour rebuilt schools across Wolverhampton. This Conservative government is not giving Wolverhampton’s children the same support.

“It is vital that Wolverhampton’s schools continue to get the money they need to provide children with the best possible education and start in life.”

Is your child’s school experiencing difficulties due to funding problems? If so, I want to know. You can email me at: emma.reynolds.mp@parliament.uk

March 2017