Emma Reynolds, Labour MP for Wolverhampton North East, has raised concerns about the imminent release of John Worboys and questioned whether other sex offenders have also been released after serving short sentences. Worboys was jailed in April 2009 for 1 count of rape and 18 charges of sexual assault.

After his conviction, police received further complaints from dozens of women. It is feared Worboys may have sexually assaulted more than 100 women over the space of 12 years.

Emma said “In light of the Parole Board’s decision to release John Warboys I am concerned that prisoners in the Wolverhampton area on indeterminate sentences are being released while they may still be a risk and I have tabled questions in Parliament about this.

“In the case of John Warboys, I struggle to see how the Parole Board has reached the decision that it has. This is deeply upsetting for Worboys’s victims. It is clear that they were not given the information and support that they deserved before the decision was taken and this raises serious questions about the current support given to victims.

“The government needs to urgently intervene to request that the Parole Board reviews this decision. John Worboys was given an indeterminate sentence, meaning that he could remain in prison for as long as he is considered a danger, even if that was for the rest of his life. The Parole Board is therefore not obliged to release him now. In the interests of transparency it should be required to set out its reasons for concluding that he is no longer a threat.”

January 2018