Emma Reynolds, Member of Parliament for Wolverhampton North East, has criticised  proposals to close the Oxley and Heath Town police bases in January 2016.  West Midlands Police announced the closures with only 4 months notice as part of their ongoing cuts programme.

Emma said “This Tory government are putting West Midlands Police in a hugely difficult position. Our police force is the biggest in the country outside of London and it is being disproportionately hit by government cuts.”

“I am very worried about the announced closure of police bases and the impact it will have on local communities. The police bases in Heath Town and Oxley are doing vital work policing their neighbourhoods, keeping residents safe and tackling crime and anti social behaviour.”

“I am calling to the government to reverse some of the cuts. I will be campaigning with my constituents to ask West Midlands Police to keep the police bases open.”