Emma Reynolds, Labour Member of Parliament for Wolverhampton North East, has endorsed the Carbon Monoxide – Be Alarmed campaign which is hoping to raise awareness of the dangers of carbon monoxide. The campaign is being run by Energy UK in conjunction with the Dominic Rodgers Trust. Carbon monoxide is produced when fuels such as oil, gas, coal or wood do not burn properly, usually due to a faulty appliance. It is invisible, cannot be smelt or tasted, and can kill within minutes.

Emma said:

“The Carbon Monoxide – Be Alarmed campaign is doing great work in raising awareness of the dangers of carbon monoxide. I would like to urge everyone to install carbon monoxide detectors, and check the campaign website to learn how to keep themselves safe in their homes.”

“Carbon monoxide is a silent killer. It can leak into people’s homes from faulty heating appliances without being seen or smelt. It may even come from a neighbour’s property. The only way to guard against it is using carbon monoxide detectors. I am calling for all of my constituents, especially landlords, to install carbon monoxide detectors in order to protect against this danger.”

“In October last year, smoke detectors became compulsory in all rented properties in England, and carbon monoxide detectors are already compulsory in Scotland. I am also calling on the government to extend the regulations to make carbon monoxide detectors compulsory in English rental properties, in order to keep tenants safe.”