Emma Reynolds, Labour MP for Wolverhampton North East, has called on the government to fully compensate the Windrush generation for the financial loss and distress they have suffered at the hands of the government’s hostile environment policy. This policy led to a range of injustices. Some people were denied NHS treatment, others their jobs or their access to benefits. In some of the most serious cases they were wrongfully deported or threatened with deportation.

Emma was formally responding to the Home Office’s consultation on a compensation scheme for the Windrush generation. The consultation asked about three core elements: who should be eligible for compensation, what losses should be compensated for, and how the process should work.

In her submission Emma detailed the experiences of a number of her constituents, including Paulette Wilson who was detained and threatened with deportation.

Emma said “I wanted to contribute to this consultation to highlight the appalling and inhumane way in which a number of my constituents have been treated. In 2015 my constituent Paulette Wilson, a 62-year-old grandmother who came to the UK from Jamaica 50 years ago, was sent a letter by the Home Office out of the blue, informing her that there was no evidence of her lawful entry into the country, and no evidence of her right to remain. Two years later, she was detained at Yarl’s Wood and threatened with deportation to a country which she left when she was 12. Another constituent of mine lost her job.

“In my submission I called on the government to fully compensate people for all financial losses incurred as a result of the government’s hostile environment, and to go further and include compensation for the considerable distress caused to people including Paulette.

“If the government fails to do this then it will be inflicting a second injustice upon the Windrush generation. It must never be forgotten that the Windrush generation has made an enormous contribution to the UK and did nothing to deserve this mistreatment.

“When the final scheme is announced I will study it carefully to make sure that it addresses the points that I have made in my submission. If it does not I will not hesitate to raise this matter in Parliament and call for real justice for the Windrush generation.”