Emma Reynolds, Labour MP for Wolverhampton North East, has renewed her call on the government to compensate her constituent Paulette Wilson and the many other members of the Windrush generation who were treated in the most appalling and inhumane way by this government.

Last year Paulette was wrongfully detained and threatened with deportation to Jamaica. After interventions by Wolverhampton’s Refugee and Migrant Centre and by Emma, Paulette was released at the 11th hour. Emma said “The Windrush generation and their parents were invited here to help rebuild Britain after the Second World War. The way they have been treated by this government is a national disgrace. That is why the government needs to make urgent amends.

“All members of the Windrush generation who have been treated in the most appalling way deserve to be compensated by the government. Earlier today in the House of Commons, I called on the Immigration Minister to ensure that the compensation scheme is set up at the latest next year. Unfortunately there was no clear answer about the timing of the scheme’s introduction. I will be responding to the government’s consultation on the scheme and will keep up the pressure on the government to get the scheme up and running as soon as possible.”

You can view a video of Emma’s question to the government on her Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/EmmaReynoldsMP/videos/1856011731181090/