Following the tragic death of Tom Kirwan in July, Emma called on the Government to introduce tougher and clearer sentences for knife crime.

Tom was stabbed in July outside Uberra nightclub in Wolverhampton. He was a young man with his life ahead of him.  His fiancé, Jade Elwell has been campaigning for tougher sentences for knife crime.

Emma raised the case in Parliament: “A young constituent of mine tragically lost his life when he was fatally stabbed outside a nightclub in Wolverhampton. Although I understand that the Government have introduced minimum sentences for those who threaten people with knives, will the Minister consider introducing tougher and clearer sentences for those criminals who maim and kill people with knives?”

Justice Minister, Jeremy Wright replied: “I understand exactly what the hon. Lady has said and my sympathies go to her constituent’s family. It is right that we look again at the range of sentencing options available for offences involving knives. This is an endemic problem and one that we need to tackle, particularly among young people who persist in the wrong belief that they are safer carrying a knife than being without one. We have to look at this again and we will.”

Speaking after the debate in Parliament, Emma said: “I am encouraged by the Minister’s response and I am going to write to the Minister in follow-up to see whether we can get some more commitments from the Government on tougher sentences and what more can be done to prevent these tragic incidents in the future.”

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December 2012