Emma Reynolds, Labour MP for Wolverhampton North East, is supporting a new app that checks how much sugar people are consuming.

The free Sugar Smart app was launched this week by Public Health England. The app works by scanning barcodes to reveal the total sugar in food and drink in cubes or grams.

Figures released by Public Health England show children eat their own body weight in sugar every year. Four to 10-year-olds are consuming the equivalent of more than 5,500 sugar cubes a year, or 22kg – the average weight of a five-year-old.

Emma said, said: “I am very concerned by the findings that children eat their own body weight in sugar every year. Excess consumption of sugar is a major cause of obesity. Wolverhampton suffers from above average levels of childhood obesity. Over a quarter of our five-year-olds, and over 40% of Year 7 pupils are either overweight or obese. The medical evidence is clear. Obesity can lead to a range of health problems such as heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes.

“As a member of the Health Select Committee I have called on the government to implement a sugar tax to help reduce the consumption of sugar. This free app is another excellent way to raise awareness. It will enable families to see how much sugar is in the food and drink that they are buying so they can take steps to reduce the amount they consume on a daily basis.”